Winter hiking is even more fun in deep snow with snowshoes.
When the snow gets deep, hiking in boots can get to be a drag.  Every step goes down into that deep snow, a phenomenon known as "post-holing".  But never fear, enter these goofy-looking things called snowshoes.  If you get the proper size and a design that fits your style of walking, that deep snow becomes a lot of fun.  Pretty soon, you will shy away from a simple hike on a packed trail, choosing instead to get out into some real winter fun.
Snowshoes come in various sizes, depending upon your weight and the type of snow you'll encounter.  You want a pair that will "float" atop the snow rather than sinking with every step.  Dry Colorado snow demands that you pay attention to the size you get.  Remember to count your weight and that of the pack and clothing you'll wear in picking them.  If you're a beginner, try several pairs out by renting or going to a snowshoe weekend at Rocky Mountain National Park before you buy.
It's also important to be sure to dress properly.  You should follow the winter equipment guidelines on this website.   However, it is especially important that you dress in layers for snowshoeing which can be quite a workout.  If you begin to over-heat, removing a layer or two can help avoid sweating which will eventually make you cold.
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