Hiking Instructions 

  • All participants must call the hike leader to participate in a hike.  Call to the hike leader should be at least three days prior to the activity
  • Hike leader should notify participants in case of change of weather, etc.  Participants should inform the hike leader if they end up unable to make the trip
  • If you want to go on a hike, pay attention to the hike classification to ensure that you are up to the challenge.  Hike leader should discuss individual skills with each participant to ensure they are ready for the hike
  • Participants should refer to the suggested hiking equipment list
  • When hiking, lead and rear hikers should be readily seen.  Person in front should wait for the slower hikers
  • The last two cars of each trip should leave together so no one gets stranded
  • Hike leader needs to be assertive as necessary;  if in doubt, the hike leader is in charge and should not be questioned
  • There should be a minimum of four participants.  If there are not four, it is no longer a club activity
  • Participants should pay gas money to the driver and bring a change of footwear and a bag for dirty boots