Hike Coordinators

These are the coordinators of monthly hiking activities.  Please contact them, email preferred, to lead a hike.

Weekday Hike Coordinators

Tuesday Steve Bergstrand stevebergstrand73@gmail.com 916-600-2209
Thursday Gail Frasier billgailfrasier@gmail.com 970-980-5841
Weekends Penny Kragie pakragie@gmail.com 571-643-6803

Weekend Monthly Coordinators

January Ted Hartman rt.hartman@hotmail.com 970-292-8431
February Lynne Niemeyer lynne.niemeyer@gmail.com 309-824-5790
March Dick Lottes longs91peak@yahoo.com 970-229-0045
April Danielle Brown draker55@yahoo.com 970-980-4642
May Dick Lottes longs91peak@yahoo.com 970-229-0045
June Steve Bergstrand stevebergstrand73@gmail.com 916-600-2209
July Betsy Mosehauer betsymosehauer@msn.com 970-310-0200
August Pam Berthold pamberth@comcast.net 970-232-9767
September Ted Hartman rt.hartman@hotmail.com 970-292-8431
October Penny Kragie pakragie@gmail.com 571-643-6803
November Karen Goggin karenrae_angel@yahoo.com 970-231-5883
December Barbara Jones bajalpine@gmail.com 970-686-7539