Mills Lake (A+)

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Nestled in Glacier Gorge, this Rocky Mountain National Park lake is named after naturalist Enos Mills. The trail begins at Glacier Gorge parking area and ascends up 760' to the lake with views of towering mountains and the majestic Alberta Falls along the route. Once at the lake, there are dramatic cliffs that loom over it. A notable feature is the "Keyboard of the Winds" which is a series of spires that produce sounds when the wind blows through them. This is a winter hike which will require either spikes or snowshoes. Round trip distance is about 5.5 miles on the regular trail although we may take the winter shortcut. Maximum elevation is 9,980'. The hike is rated A+ to reflect hiking in winter conditions. Limit is 8 hikers due to limited parking at Glacier Gorge. For more information or to sign up, contact Tom Bruch at