Loch Vale

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The medium paced, class A hike to the Loch in Rocky Mountain Park begins from the Glacier Gorge Trailhead. It’s about a 6 mile round trip with 1040 feet of elevation gain. Depending on weather we may also stop in at Mills Lake. This is a beautiful subalpine lake with amazing views! Dominating the views directly across from the foot of the lake is 13,153-foot Taylor Peak and Taylor Glacier. Framing the spectacular gorge on either side is 12,668-foot Thatchtop Mountain towards the south, and 12,829-foot Sharkstooth towards the southwest. If you were to proceed around to the north side of the lake, 13,208-foot Powell Peak will begin to reveal itself towards the south. The ride share will be $5.

Contact Gabi Miles at kgmiles_2@msn.com or Penny Kragie at pakragie@gmail.com Remember to bring a signed waiver if you haven’t done that yet!