Lake Haiyaha Loop

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Class A Hike at a moderate pace.  This hike is about 6 – 7 miles roundtrip with about 850 feet of elevation.  We will take the loop up to Mills Lake and then over to Lake Haiyaha.  We will return via the Dream Lake and Nymph Lake route.  We will have lunch at the lake. 

The Lake Haiyaha shoreline is quite rugged, with large boulders surrounding the entire lake - the result of it lying in the heart of Chaos Canyon. The scene at Lake Haiyaha is simply stunning. Dominating the view, looking almost straight across the lake, is 12,486-foot Otis Peak on your left, and 12,713-foot Hallett Peak towards the right. In between the two mountains is the appropriately named Chaos Canyon. On your far left you can even see The Sharkstooth.   

To join the hike contact Gabi Miles 970 227 1497 or Penny Kragie 571 643 6803. Ride share is $5.