These instructions are for those who already have a Yahoo ID and Password

(If you don't have a Yahoo ID, go here.)
  1. Go to
  2. Click on the join this group button.
  3. Enter your Yahoo ID and Password and click on the signin button.
  4. Under Step 1. Your Contact Information, review your profile and e-mail address.  If either need to be changed, click on the link next to them and make whatever changes you wish.  You may want to use your normal e-mail address rather than the Yahoo one…If so, be sure to enter it here.
  5. Under Step 2. Message Delivery, choose:
    -  "Individual Email" if you want to see each message as it is sent to the group (this is recommended so you don't miss short-notice rides) or choose
    -  "Daily Digest" if you want once-a-day listing of all messages for that day.
    -  You can also select "Web Only" if you never want to get e-mails and intend to check the website to see what messages have been posted.  This latter choice will cause you to miss things that are time-sensitive, however.  (Don’t select "Special Notices" as there probably won’t be any).
  6. Under Step 3. Message Preference, leave the selection "Fully Featured".
  7. Click on the save changes button.

You will get a message saying that you are now a member.  Congratulations, you're done!